Entrepreneur Resources. Information for providing entrepreneurs and individuals with the resources needed to overcome the first hurdles in starting a business in Phelps County. Resources for developing a business plan, starting, managing and growing your business.


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Step #3 - Manage and Grow Your Business

Check back in with that business plan again. Is your business meeting your expectations? Were your projections accurate? Are you growing faster than manageable? Is the bank charging unexpected fees? Re-assess now. Do NOT wait. Roughly 50% of small businesses fail within the first five years due to: lack of experience, insufficient capital (money), poor location, poor inventory management, over-investment in fixed assets, poor credit arrangements, and unexpected growth. Pull out your business plan and resource list again and start asking for help.

Learn from and Socialize with Other Entrepreneurs
http://www.pkpartnership.org opens in new window - PK Innovators & Entrepreneurs Club
Holdrege Area Chamber of Commerce
http://www.nebraskaentrepreneur.com/ opens in new window

Opportunities for Youth Business Owners
PK Partnership Youth Activities - http://www.pkpartnership.org opens in new window
ESU#11 Summer Honors Program opens in new window (entrepreneurism is one subject)

Marketing Training and Assistance for Nebraska Products & Services
GROW Nebraska helps businesses develop and implement effective marketing and branding strategies.
GROW Nebraska opens in new window
Holbrook, NE 69848
Phone: 1-888-GROW-NEB
send email info@grownebraska.org


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